I’m still elated from the fantastic premiere of my dissertation piece Red Wind, which took place on July 21st in Ozawa Hall at the Tanglewood Music Center. Thank you so much to the players who made it come to life in a riveting performance: Olivia Cosio, Ben Quarles, Federico Montes, David Kidd, Greg LaRosa, Gabe Polinksy, and Killian Farrell who conducted. And a huge thank you to Nathaniel Mackey, whose poetry inspired and breathed life into this project. The performance was of the last two movements of the piece, and I’m hoping that down the road the entire work will be produced. RW Ozawa action
Now I’m looking forward to the remaining composition projects here at Tanglewood, including my score to accompany a silent film, Buster Keaton’s Our Hospitality, as part of the Festival of Contemporary Music on August 10th. On August 17th, at the end of the festival, we’ll get to hear three pieces we each wrote over the course of a day for three days straight, brought to life by the incredible Fromm Players.